The same research methods can be applied to various host species with adjustments reflecting differences in the digestive tract physiology and intestinal microbiota.


There are numerous products in the market which are proposed to improve intestinal health of man.

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Our research portfolio for human applications

Ex vivo fermentation studies mimicking various segments of human gastrointestinal tract.

Analysis of microbial, immunological and chemical markers in stool samples from clinical trials or individual patients suffering from intestinal disorders.


Alimetrics has a possibility to run trials with broiler chickens, pigs and dairy cows, following the ethical principles agreed by European Union and the National Animal Experiment Board of Finland. Extensive sampling is characteristic of our trials to extract all possible information in each trial; this is to reduce the need of trials with live animals.

Nuoli alas

Broiler chicken

Broiler chicken trials can be run in two halls with floor pens and they are EFSA compliant. The results can be used also for product registration in EU.

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Our pig facility is connected to a commercial farm. It is ideal for mechanistic trials and useful for health product development, marketing and registration purposes.

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With dairy cows, product testing is being done on a commercial farm. In addition to normal lactating cows we have access to rumen-fistulated animals for mechanistic trials.


Analytical tools of Alimetrics are applicable also for the analysis of health indicators in the faecal samples of companion animals. We do not run trials with companion animals and, therefore, the samples we analyse are collected by the client companies or universities worldwide.