Alimetrics Diagnostics Ltd.

is a spinoff offering analytical service for clients that conduct trials elsewhere but want to apply unique, high quality analytical methods for their samples. For most clients the rationale is to get maximum information from a trial conducted. Most common parameters analysed are intestinal microbes, microbial metabolites, enzymes and mediators of immunological function.

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Did you already try our user-friendly sample transportation system?

This may interest you if your business involves testing of products in trials with animals or man, and, if you collect biological samples for microbial or chemical analysis. We have developed a safe and convenient sample transportation system.

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Superior delivery logistics

Collect intestinal digesta specimens and preserve them in transportation vials with stabilising buffer solution. This arrangement allows cost-effective shipping of samples from all around the world at ambient temperature; no need for costly dry ice delivery.

With our global courier partner the vials normally reach the destination within a few days. If you wish to use the analytical service of Alimetrics Diagnostics, we also arrange the return transport.

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Why to compromise the quality of your valuable samples?

The sample stabiliser of Alimetrics Diagnostics has been designed for challenging matrices such as intestinal digesta, faeces, rumen contents or similar composition.

Our sample preservation system stabilises bacteria for weeks when used for any DNA based analyses. Also, metabolites such as lactic acid and volatile fatty acids remain unchanged at ambient temperature.

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